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2009 Human Resources Blogosphere Prize

I have been informed that the Spanish version of this blog is one of the finalists for the Blogosfera RRHH 2009 (2009 Human Resources Blogosphere Prize) which is coordinated by the Observatorio de la Blogosfera de RRHH (Human Resources Blogosphere Observatory). The Observatory has come to this decision based on a qualitative ranking, carried out every fortnight, of articles selected from Spanish human resources blogs. This blog was placed in the top 10 in the ranking of articles published up to 15 September of the current year. I am extremely grateful for this recognition as the other nominees include colleagues and friends whose work I greatly admire.

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The ladder of inference, or how misunderstandings arise

You happen to walk past a colleague on the street, you say hello but he doesn’t answer. Your first reaction is to feel slighted and think that he has deliberately ignored you. You then try to explain what’s happened: “It’s because I didn’t back him up in a meeting the other day”.

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