Last Friday I received the Medal for Police Merit for my work on leadership development with the Spanish national police force. It was a very moving occasion for me and I am truly grateful to receive this decoration. I have been working for many years with the Police Training Centre in Carabanchel (Madrid), where I give workshops on their courses for staff recently promoted to the rank of police commissioner and chief police commissioner. I focus on helping participants to get their teams to perform to their full potential (talent management), and we also look at different coaching techniques. Many participants have subsequently gone on to apply what they have seen in our sessions together, as they have told me about the positive results they have obtained. This is a deep source of satisfaction for me.

When I run the workshops at the Police Training Centre, I come face-to-face with many key qualities that I don’t always find in the private sector: a sense of vocation, perseverance, and the ability to deal with tough situations that would make most of us freeze with fear.

I would like to express my profound gratitude for this award, as I did when I received the Spanish Armed Forces White Cross of Military Merit for my leadership work with the Chiefs of Staff.

I’ve posted some photos below of Friday’s ceremony and of the members of the chief police commissioner class.



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